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  • Online welded pipe seam normaliser
  • Online welded pipe seam normaliser
  • Online welded pipe seam normaliser

Online welded pipe seam normaliser

Product Details

Online welded pipe seam normaliser  is mainly used to produce high strength welded pipes such as oil and gas transmission pipes, oil pipes and casing that meet API standards.

Production capacity as below :

Online welded pipe seam normaliser

Factory conditions request by online welded pipe seam induction annealing equipment :

- Cooling water pressure:           1.0 Mpa

- Compressed air :                      0.4~0.6 Mpa

- The max lifting capacity of single piece during production: 25 T

- The max height of tube mill:    5.5 M

- Power supply:                        380 V +/- 10 %

- Phase: 3 Phase  Frequency :     50 Hz +/- 0.5 Hz

- Control voltage:  220 Volt     Phase:     single phase

- Environment temperature:    max 40°C

- Humidity:                               max 90%

The pipe seam induction annealing equipment heats the welding seam just welded to its critical temperature and conducts welding heat treatment of steel pipe to prevent potential cracks in the welding seam.Due to the rapid local heating of the welding seam, the oxidation and deformation of the steel tube are minimized, and the accurate and consistent diathermy also enables the fine grain structure to be obtained in the whole welding seam area. The resulting fine grain structure can ensure the strong and tough steel tube meeting all the requirements of the standard specifications.

The welding area is within 15mm on the left and right sides of the welding seam.

The complete set of equipment is composed of medium frequency heating power supply, water cable, tank capacitor cabinet, inductor, water cooling system, lifting and swinging Angle mechanism, welding seam detector, temperature measuring instrument, operating console and so on.

The plane inductor is used for the annealing equipment to complete the power transfer required by the welding seam heat treatment of steel pipe.

Weld tracking range ±10°, accuracy 1°.

The equipment can effectively avoid the burr of pipe seam.

Production process of online welded pipe seam normaliser 

Steel pipe welding → heating pipe seam upto 930°C→ air cooling

Online welded pipe seam normaliser

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