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What are the Factors That Affect Induction Heating Quenching?

Jul. 29, 2021

The quality of induction heating quenching depends to a large extent on whether the form and construction of the Induction Annealing Machine is chosen correctly.

According to the shape of induction heating equipment, the distance between the inductor and the heated workpiece, as well as the size of the power input inductor and the frequency of the power supply current, the workpiece surface to obtain a certain depth and shape of the heating layer, the same inductor, by changing the power input and current frequency, you can obtain different depths of the heating layer, generally heated parts and the air gap between the inductor does not exceed 2-5mrn, increase this gap will reduce the heating efficiency, and reduce this gap, it is possible to make the air in the gap is broken through.

Induction Annealing Machine

Induction Annealing Machine

(1) the number of turns of induction heating equipment

The number of turns of the inductor depends on the quenching process, such as heating immediately after the water spray, can be made into a single-turn inductor, but increase the height of the difficulty. If the copper tube bent into more turns is more convenient, but the number of turns should not be too many, generally not more than 3 turns, that is, the height of the inductor is best not to exceed 60mm, otherwise it will reduce the output efficiency of high-frequency equipment.

(2)The material for making inductor

The material used to make Induction Heating Equipment should be industrial pure copper (purple copper tube) or brass with conductivity not less than 96% of pure copper conductivity.

(3) the form of induction heating equipment

The form of induction heating equipment can be designed and manufactured according to the shape of the workpiece and the specific situation.

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