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Superaudio frequency induction heating machine been shipped

Nov. 04, 2019

One customer from Pakistan has been making flat steel foring workpieces which are been using for tractor industry as well as automobile industry.  The heated portion thickness from 7~15mm , and heated portion width from 50~60mm  , Heated portion length from 150mm~180mm . According to the cycle time after heating from 14s~20s , we recommended our 120KW/30KHZ super audio frequency induction heater for him . 

Last week the one complete set induction heating equipment for flat steel forging has been deliver to port to catch the vessel to pakistan. The comlete set machine include one set solid state power suppy , one set inverter , one set air-water cooler and two set inductor . For induction heating machine, we are supplying two set inductor to meet customer's production request. 

This induction heater mainly uses IGBT components. IGBT induction heating power supply is a kind of machine to switch three-phase frequency (50Hz) AC current into single-phase medium frequency or superaudio AC current device.The working principle of the equipment is that the three-phase AC current is firstly rectified into adjustable DC current through the three-phase SCR full-control rectifier circuit, and then filtered by the reactor to meet the working requirements of the inverter, and then into the IGBT inverter to be transformed into the supply load of AC current with higher frequency.This kind of parallel resonant inverter is of current type, so its AC current is close to rectangular waveform, including fundamental wave and harmonic wave.Because the fundamental frequency is close to the resonant frequency of the load circuit, the load circuit presents high impedance to the fundamental wave and low impedance to the harmonic wave. The harmonic wave hardly produces voltage drop on the load circuit, so the load voltage waveform is close to the sine wave.Because the current type inverter overvoltage protection is very important, so our company designed a unique overvoltage protection circuit to ensure the safe and stable operation of the inverter .

Superaudio frequency induction heating machine been shipped

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