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What Are the Uses of HF Welding Machine in Alloy

Jan. 06, 2022

In general, high frequency equipment is often used in various industries. Common products manufactured by high frequency machine welding are tarpaulins, tents, ceilings, outdoor advertising banners, water beds, inflatable boats, drip blood bags, tension structures, conveyor belts, raincoats, etc.

Welding is based on the dielectric electrical heating of the material being welded. A piece of material is placed between two metal plates (electrodes) and then a high frequency voltage is connected to the plastic sheet. As a result, the molecules in the material begin to vibrate, the molecules are rapidly transported to generate heat, and the heat is heated to the melting point. As the two layers pass through the high-frequency current, they are pressed together and the layers melt together to form a welded joint that can withstand strong tensile forces.


The advantage of high-frequency equipment is the speed of welding: in a few seconds, high-frequency welding heats up and welds quickly from inside the material.

Other welding methods (with filaments, hot air or infrared radiation) have to be supplemented with heat from the outside compared to the high-frequency machine welding method. This means that the heat must first penetrate the material in order for its plasticity to melt enough to form a weld. The main risk of this welding method is burning the top layer of the welded material, which means that the surface of the welded material is easily deformed.

Some materials generate more heat in a high-frequency magnetic field than others and are therefore better suited for high-frequency machine welding. Part of the reason for this is that the molecules of the material allow themselves to vibrate at high frequencies. This is called the material loss factor. The higher the material loss factor, the easier it is to weld materials with high-frequency equipment. It is particularly easy to weld thermoplastics such as PVC and PU; these materials are welded specifically by high-frequency welders. hard plastics such as PE are difficult to weld with high-frequency methods.

What Are the Uses of HF Welding Machine in Alloy

High frequency welders from China


High-frequency welding machines are widely used for welding carbide tools, turning tools, alloy saw blades, milling cutters, alloy daily drill bits, etc. The strength and toughness of carbide tools welded by high-frequency welder are good. Therefore, selling high frequency welding machine to the tool manufacturing market is a necessary choice.

Carbide is brittle and prone to fracture. When improper heating methods are used, welded tools are prone to cracking. Due to the high strength requirements when cutting, most of the welding is done with brass welding rods or pads, which have high welding strength, good stability and wear resistance. Therefore, the welding of carbide tools is very demanding. When the heating is not uniform, it is easy to cause fracture. The temperature is too low (the melting point of brass is generally around 1080 degrees) the solder will not be completely welded. Therefore, a suitable method must be used to weld carbide tools. CHAOCHANG is a professional high-frequency welding machine manufacturer, dedicated to the design, production, sales and after-sales maintenance of high-frequency welding machines.

The high-frequency welder is easy to operate, safe, environmentally friendly and power saving. It is a multi-purpose machine. If you need to buy, please contact us, CHAOCHANG will reply you as soon as possible to help you get a complete solution.

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