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The characteristics of the induction hardening machine are as follows

Oct. 11, 2019

The characteristics of the induction hardening machine are as follows:

1)the machine tool only bears the electromagnetic, not to bear the cutting load, so it basically runs at empty status. The power required for spindle drive is small, but the non-load stroke is required to be fast to reduce maneuvering time and improve productivity.

2) the adjacent part of the machine tool and inductor and transformer shall be kept at a certain distance due to the effects of high frequency & medium frequency electromagnetic fields. Non-metallic or non-magnetic materials shall be selected for manufacturing. The metal frame adjacent to the electromagnetic field should be made into an open circuit structure to prevent the generation of eddy current and heat.

3) anti-rust and anti-splash structure. Where quench cooling medium can splash the guide rail, guide column, bracket, bed frame and other parts. When designing the machine tool, the induction heating equipment manufacturer should consider anti-rust or anti-splash measures. Therefore the induction hardening machine shall adopt stainless steel, aluminum alloy, bronze or plastic material. And the protective sleeve and splash glass door is necessary.

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