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High-frequency quenching machine tools can be more energy efficient if properly operated

Aug. 07, 2020

High-frequency heating quenching machine is now the workers of energy saving and environmental protection equipment, now the inspection of environmental protection is very strict, the metal industry heat treatment industry is more inclined to induction heating equipment.High-frequency quenching machine has been applied in various fields due to its own characteristics of easy operation, high heating efficiency and less energy consumption.Although the high-frequency quenching machine itself is energy-saving equipment, zhengzhou Xingchuan Induction Technology Co., LTD staff pointed out that the high-frequency quenching machine if the correct operation will be more energy saving.

The reason for the selection of high-frequency quenching machine tool or the improper use of the workpiece, or improper operation may cause the equipment power consumption, so Baoding Chaochang Induction suggested that you choose the appropriate high-frequency quenching machine equipped with the frequency and power.The frequency should fit the permeable heating, and the power should meet the standard of short heating cycle and less heat conduction cost.The selection principle of high-frequency hardening machine tool is to choose frequency conversion efficiency is high, the main accessories should also be considered.Such as solid state high frequency power conversion efficiency is higher than electron tube high frequency power supply, under the condition of normal can reach product skills, should be can perhaps choose solid state power, solid state power transistor in power than the thyristor power supply efficiency is high, thus it can be preferable IGBT or MOSFET power. Baoding Chaochang Electromechanical Co.,Ltd have a wide range of induction heating equipments. 

When using high frequency heating quenching machine tools, the requirements for the equipment are: high load coefficient, short empty operation time.Can use multi - axis, multi - station together heating, it is preferred to use multi - axis, multi - station structure, to spend a large number of half - axis machine as an example, one heating than scanning quenching more energy saving.The sensor efficiency is also related to the scheme, the efficiency is above 80%, the poor sensor efficiency is below 30%.The choice of inductors is also important. Welcome to contact us for more information about high-frequency quenching machine tools manufacturer China, Chaochang!

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