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Induction heat treatment really holds up half of the heat treatment (2)

Aug. 04, 2020

Quenching/hardening machine is also an important aspect in induction heat treatment equipment.In the past ten years, large automobile companies and large scale automobile parts factories have been constantly purchasing quenching machine tools with reliable performance and advanced technology.

Induction heat treatment equipment for the domestic enterprises to provide an important opportunity, technology promotion after tenacious efforts, quenching machine tool has made great progress, there are a large number of quenching machine tool reach the advanced level of similar foreign equipment, such as constant quenching machine tool company production of crankshaft, camshaft quenching machine tool and half shaft quenching machine tool, steering knuckle quenching machine, torsion bar quenching machine tool, shock absorber rod quenching machine tool, etc. [3].Of course, the general quenching machine tools used in the general heat treatment plant also have great improvements in control accuracy, flexibility and other aspects.

4.1 Transmission System

The transmission system mainly adopts mechanical transmission, and ball screw and linear guide rail which represent modern mechanical transmission technology are widely used.

4.2 Speed and position control

The main drive adopts servo numerical control, the moving speed is uniform and stable, the positioning of the trailer is accurate, the repeatability is high, and the intermediate speed change can be realized.The workpiece rotation adopts frequency conversion speed adjustment, according to the parts can choose different revolutions, simple structure, reliable operation.

4.3 Action sequence control and display

A large number of numerical control (NC) equipment to achieve action sequence control, control precision is very high, and can store hundreds of parts of the process parameters, the number of parts memory processing.It can monitor the running state of the equipment in real time. It can be connected with the alarm equipment. Once the equipment fails, it can alarm and stop at any time.Data stored in NC can be called up and displayed at any time.Some simple machine tools also use PLC control to achieve a lower level of intelligence.

4.4 Anti-rust, waterproof and steam proof measures for machine tools

Machine rust

The water and steam of quenching machine tools must exist, they are to the flume of machine tools, moving parts of the corrosion and erosion is impossible to prevent, and parts rust is the source of equipment fault.The main anti-rust measures of quenching machine tools are the use of stainless materials: water trough made of stainless steel plate or coated with stainless steel plate;Ball screw, ladder screw, top and top set are made of stainless steel, and 1Cr18Hi9Ti, 2Cr13 or 3Cr13 are used respectively according to the occasion and function;Some parts are to be made of brass.

Machine tool waterproof

Quenching water splash is very normal when quenching machine is working, but quenching water splash not only affects civilized production, but also affects worker operation.The main measures to prevent splashing of quenched water are the installation of protective doors made of stainless steel plates and perspex, brass guide rails and nylon bearings.For quenching transformer upper and lower moving machine, the transformer shall be installed with stainless steel waterproof curtain.

Prevent quenching water vapor and lampblack from polluting the environment

When quenching machine work to produce steam, parts cleaning is not clean will also produce lampblack.In some foreign-funded enterprise workshop sealed, water vapor and lampblack is not allowed to send out, at this time the front groove above the machine tool should be capped closed, plus waste steam condenser, condensing water vapor and lampblack into water discharge.Or refueling fog collector and other measures.

4.5 Quick-change connection technology for 3d fine-tuning device and inductor of quench transformer

The quenching transformer is placed on a three-dimensional movable platform, which can be moved by 50mm in the upper, lower, left and right directions and in front and rear directions, so as to meet a small amount of adjustment of quenching position.

5 Energy monitor

Energy monitor is not usually a necessary part of induction heat treatment equipment, but the induction heat treatment equipment supplied by foreign well-known induction heating equipment company is generally equipped with this device, which can ensure the consistency of heating quality and quenching quality of parts in the case of poor grid voltage quality.Our company has successfully developed the energy monitor technology, and has been widely used.In a large automobile axle factory, the factory power grid voltage fluctuation is very big, we have done the following test: 9:00am voltage 350 v, voltage 380 v, 4 PM 10 at night when the voltage is 400V, 2 oclock in the morning when the voltage is 440 v, in more than four and a half time quenching shaft, each one and a half shaft sampling observation, and 3 on each half shaft position sampling (spline, shaft, flange rounded corners), check the surface hardness and depth of hardening layer, four half shaft the corresponding position of the test results are basically the same.

The working principle of the energy monitor is that each part goes through the process test to determine how much energy (KW-S) is required to heat it to the quenching temperature. This energy value is set to automatically extend the heating time when the voltage is low and shorten the heating time when the voltage is high, so as to keep the heating energy constant.When the quenching heating energy reaches the set value, the equipment automatically stops heating, thus ensuring the consistency of heating quality and quenching quality.

The quick change technology of inductor includes two contents :(1) the quick change device which is electrically connected between inductor and quench transformer. Its fastening should be convenient and fast, and it can safely pass through large current without heating.(2) Fast connection of cooling water pipe and quenching water pipe on inductor. The cooling water pipe and quenching water pipe are connected by quick changing connection head, which can be fast and reliable.Now the domestic production of a series of brass quick change joints, can meet the needs.

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