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Advantages of Induction Heaters of Different Frequencies

Feb. 11, 2022

Induction heaters are widely used in the heat treatment industry. For example, a variety of hardware tools, hand tools heat treatment, a variety of automotive parts, motorcycle parts of high-frequency quenching treatment, and machine tool industry, the quenching treatment of the machine bed guide.

Induction heaters have different frequencies, from 1KHZ to 1MHZ, different frequency machines have different characteristics. We share for you.

Low frequency

The lowest frequency, frequency range: 50HZ to about 1KHZ, the commonly used frequency is mostly 50HZ. this machine has the deepest relative heating depth and the largest heating thickness, about 10-20mm.

It is mainly used for the overall heating, annealing, tempering and surface quenching of large workpieces.

Advantages of Induction Heaters of Different Frequencies

Medium frequency

Frequency range: ordinary 1KHZ to about 20KHZ, the typical value is about 8KHZ. Heating depth is about 3-10mm.

Mostly used for heating, annealing, tempering, quenching and surface quenching of larger workpieces, large diameter shafts, large diameter thick-walled pipes, large modulus gears and other workpieces and smaller diameter bars red-punching, calcining and pressing, etc.


Frequency range: ordinary 20KHZ to about 40KHZ (because the audio frequency is 20HZ to 20KHZ, so call it super audio). Heating depth is about 2-3mm.

Mostly used for medium diameter workpiece deep heating, annealing, tempering, tempering, larger diameter thin-walled pipe heating, welding, hot assembly, medium gear quenching, etc.

High frequency

Frequency range: ordinary 40KHZ to about 200KHZ, commonly used 40KHZ to 80KHZ. heating depth of about 1-2mm.

High-frequency induction heating equipment is mostly used for deep heating, red punching, calcining, annealing, tempering, tempering, surface quenching of small workpieces, medium diameter pipe heating and welding, hot assembly, small gear quenching, etc.

Advantages of Induction Heaters of Different Frequencies

Advantages of Induction Heaters of Different Frequencies

PC steel bar induction heating equipment


Relatively highest frequency, frequency range: ordinary 200KHZ or more, can be as high as tens of MHZ. heating thickness of the smallest, about 0.1-1mm.

Mostly used for local quenching of very small parts or very fine bars, welding, surface quenching of small workpieces, etc. 

At the same time, these five induction heating equipment has certain advantages, is power-saving and environmentally friendly induction heating equipment. You can visit CHAOCHANG website to see more, or send us a message to get solutions.

Main features: small size, high power, fast heating, power saving.

Circuit characteristics: the main device uses IGBT module, the circuit does not control the full-bridge rectification, capacitor filtering, bridge inverter, series resonant output.

Power saving principle: uncontrolled rectification, rectifier circuit full conduction. High power factor, voltage-based series resonance, etc., determines the substantial power saving of this equipment.

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