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High Frequency Induction Heating Equipment Alarm Causes

Feb. 25, 2022

Generally speaking, the induction heating machine has an alarm system. The fundamental starting point of this system alarm is to prompt people to have a fault, as soon as possible to stop the troubleshooting, to provide help for the overhaul. Let's look at the reasons for the stay and alarm.

Induction loop problem

Self-made induction ring shape and size is not correct, the distance between the workpiece and induction ring is too small, there is a short circuit between the workpiece and the induction ring or the induction ring itself fire phenomenon, the prepared induction ring in use by the customer's metal fixture or the impact of the adjacent metal objects, etc.

 High Frequency Induction Heating Equipment Alarm Causes

Induction heating machine for flat steel forging

Treatment methods.

1, re-production of induction circle, induction circle and heating parts coupling gap in 1-3mm is appropriate. Use round purple copper tube or square copper tube to wind the induction circle.

2、Solve the induction coil short circuit, firing

3, poor magnetic conductivity of materials such as copper, aluminum, etc. induction heating, induction loop will fail.

4、Equipment should avoid sun exposure, rain, humidity, etc.

5、Check whether the heating power matches the protector, if the match is correct, check the heating time.

6、Change a larger protector switch, provided that the heating system is normal.

High Frequency Induction Heating Equipment Alarm Causes


Start-up overcurrent: the reasons are generally: IGBT breakdown, drive board failure, circuit board moisture, drive board power supply is not normal, inductor short circuit

Treatment methods.

1, replace the driver board and IGBT, small magnetic ring from the lead to remove, check the water circuit, the water box is not blocked, use a hair dryer to blow the board used once, measure the voltage

2, after using a period of time after the power on overcurrent: the reason is generally poor drive heat dissipation. Treatment: reapply silicone grease; check whether the water circuit is blocked.

3, if the device has just turned on the alarm before it starts working, it may be caused by the failure of the water temperature relay, replace the water temperature relay can be.

High Frequency Induction Heating Equipment Alarm Causes

Universal hardening machine tool

Power increase

The cause of power overload may be a mismatch of the inductor or drive board failure.

Treatment methods.

1, the machine and the induction loop must be cooled by water, and to ensure that the water source is clean, so as not to block the cooling pipe, resulting in overheating damage to the machine.

2, test the main control cabinet internal cooling water pipe, see if there is a blockage phenomenon, long-term use of the case must ensure that the cooling water clean, to avoid blocking the water pipe debris caused by water temperature alarm or other equipment failure.

3, the number of turns of the induction coil on the impact of current for many reasons, can also cause overcurrent. For example, the material of the workpiece, the size of the coil, the number of turns of the coil.

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