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Do you know about induction hardening?

May. 31, 2021

Induction hardening machines are used to improve the mechanical properties of ferrous components in specific areas, typically in powertrain, suspension, engine components and stampings. Induction hardening is excellent at repairing warranty claims/field failures.The main benefit is improved strength, fatigue and wear resistance in localized areas without having to redesign the part. Here is what Induction Hardening Company has to share with you about Induction Hardening Machines to help you

Induction Hardening Machine

Induction Hardening Machine


Best suited for parts subjected to heavy loads. Induction technology gives high surface hardness and a deep shell capable of withstanding extremely high loads. Fatigue strength is improved by developing a soft core surrounded by an extremely tough outer layer. These properties are desirable for parts subjected to torsional loads and for surfaces subjected to impact forces. Induction machining is performed on one part at a time, allowing for very predictable dimensional changes between parts.

Applications and Materials

Induction Hardening is a heat treatment process used to improve the mechanical properties of localized areas of ferrous components. The resulting hardened areas increase strength while also improving wear and fatigue resistance.

Typical applications for induction hardening include gears, shafts, axles, cam lobes, stampings and spindles, mostly for symmetrical parts. Induction hardening is used to strengthen specific areas of a part. Single-part, selective area surface hardening.

Process Details

Induction hardening is a process used for surface hardening of steel and other alloy parts. The part to be heat treated is placed in a copper coil and then heated above its transformation temperature by applying alternating current to the coil. The alternating current in the coil induces an alternating magnetic field within the part, which heats the outer surface of the part above the transformation temperature.

The part is heated through the alternating magnetic field to a temperature at or above the transformation range and is then immediately quenched. This is an electromagnetic process using a copper inductor coil that is fed with current at a specific frequency and power level.

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