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Usage Precautions For HSS Saw Blades and Cold Cutting Saw Blades

Jun. 17, 2021

Nowadays ,many steel pipe factory who are using our solid state hf welder are also using cold flying cutting saw to their pipe cutting .

Then it is very necessary for pipe factory to understand the maintenance of HSS saw blades , as it is widely used on cold flying cutter. Of course , some factory are choosing TCT saw blade ,which we gonna talk about this TCT blade in future.

High speed steel (HSS) saw blade is suitable for machinery below : pipe cutting machine (semi-automatic, automatic) circular saw machine, pipe blanking machine, pipe processing machinery, sawing machine, milling machine, etc

It is widely used for cutting low (middle) alloy steel, high carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, plastic, wood, etc

Cold Cutting Saw Blades

When using the HSS saw blade, the following matters should be noted:

1. the new tooth saw blade in the use of the best and the metal circular saw machine has a runin process,10 minutes before cutting to reduce the feeding speed,10 minutes later can restore the normal feeding speed.

2. Look at the following sawdust conditions when cutting

2.1 coarse sawdust with soft is sawing overload.

2.2 With very small powder sawdust the sawing pressure is too small.

2.3 Long spiral filamentous sawdust is reasonable. 2.4 During the use process, please operate carefully and carefully. Be sure to hitch often to ensure the integrity of the tooth shape and prolong the service life. Do not pull and cut hard, so as not to cause deformation and fracture of the saw blade due to heat

3. Different specifications and uses of the saw blade, the design of the blade Angle and matrix form is different, as far as possible according to its corresponding occasions.

4.The size and shape and position progress of the main shaft and splint of the equipment have a great impact on the use effect, so check and adjust it before installing the saw blade

5. Pay attention to the working condition of the saw blade at any time. If there is any abnormality, such as vibration, noise and material walking on the machining surface, the blade must be shut down and adjusted in time, and be polished in time to keep the blade sharp.

6, temporarily not used saw blade to hang vertically, avoid long time flat, more should not be the object heap pressure on it, the knife head to be protected, not collision.

7. The cutting speed depends on the section and toughness of the cutting material profile. The harder the material and the larger the section, the slower the speed and the slower the feed.Such as: the small tube wall thickness is thin, the material hardness is not high, the section is small, the feeding speed should be fast.

8. When sawing square pipe, try to feed the saw blade from the corner of the pipe. Compared with the surface, the service life of the saw blade can be increased by 3 times.

9.high speed steel saw blade is not heat resistant, cooling measures should be taken when using, the effect of 5% concentration of emulsion is better, can not be liquid cooling, air cooling can be used, but the effect is not as good as liquid cooling.

10.When sawing thick wall pipes, solid bars and stainless steel materials, it is best to use steel wire ball brush on the pipe cutting machine. The cost of steel wire ball brush is not high, the effect is very good, and the life of the saw blade can be improved.

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