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Extend the Life of My Induction Heating Equipment

Jul. 11, 2022

Regular preventive maintenance of the hot zone is a key part of extending its life and keeping it performing at its best. One of the most commonly recommended procedures to make your Induction Heating equipment run more efficiently is to run cleaning cycles to remove contaminants from the hot zone. CHAOCHANG will introduce you to hot zone maintenance practices and how often to complete these operations.

1. Replace damaged elements

Visually inspect the condition of heating elements and shields daily. Look for any missing, broken, cracked or loose parts. Elements in these conditions can cause temperature problems, such as insufficient heat and poor uniformity.

If you find missing or damaged graphite elements, you will usually replace the heating elements rather than repair them. This is because graphite is not very brittle, so you don't have to worry about accidentally damaging the surrounding heating elements during replacement.

Two common ways to deal with damaged all-metal heating elements: One option is to replace them as you would graphite elements. Alternatively, all-metal elements can be repaired with an element patch, which allows you to clip on a small metal part of the bridged damaged element. This avoids having to loosen the bolts of the heating element between the connection points and replacing the entire section and reduces the chance of damage to the surrounding elements.

Induction Heating Equipment

2. Check for discoloration

Heating elements and shields should also be checked daily for signs of discoloration. Discoloration of induction heating equipment indicates contamination. If portions of the hot zone begin to show signs of discoloration, a leak check and induction heating equipment cleaning cycle may be required as a first step in troubleshooting the induction heating equipment and locating the source of contamination. The source must be identified to prevent continued discoloration and degradation of the hot zone.

3. Arc prevention

Hand tighten the nuts, bolts and component connectors in the furnace weekly. When parts become loose, they can cause arcing, which then burns away the insulation in the hot zone, affecting the overall quality of the heating element and potentially causing discoloration. Hand tightening is the recommended method to avoid over tightening and graphite heating element breakage.

Induction heating machine for flat steel forging

4. When should I replace my hot zone?

You can determine if it's time by checking your heating elements monthly for signs of deterioration. Signs of arcing, cracking and degradation on the bottom third of the element in the hot zone indicate that it is time to replace it. In addition, check the insulation for signs of damage, warping, or if you can see the pressure-vented frame, and check for distortion and overall wear.

The above is CHAOCHANG's knowledge about the maintenance of the hot zone during the heating process of induction heating equipment. If there are other questions, welcome to consult us.

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