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Induction Heating Benefits Compared with Ordinary Heating

Jun. 24, 2022

Induction hardening is a method to quickly and selectively harden the surface of metal parts. The wear resistance and hardness of the parts will increase significantly with induction hardening. CHAOCHANG shows you some bendfits of induction hardening.


Gear sing tooth CNC induction hardening equipment

In fact, generally speaking, induction heating surface hardening is the alternating current of a certain frequency in an induction coil, which produces an alternating magnetic field with the same frequency around the application ring, and the workpiece placed in the magnetic field will produce the same frequency as the induction coil. The induced current in the opposite direction is called eddy current. The resistance heat generated by the eddy current causes the surface of the workpiece to be quickly heated to the hardening temperature, and then water is sprayed to the workpiece to harden the surface of the workpiece. Its heating rate is extremely fast, usually only a few seconds.
The current frequencies in practical applications range from 50Hz to 500KHz. Among them, 50Hz to 10KHz for intermediate frequency, with SCR (thyristor) as the main, for deeper hardened layer depth, such as rolls, etc.; 10KHz to 50KHz, for ultra-audio frequency, to IGBT, the most extensive application; 50KHz above, called high frequency, used in fine parts processing, mainly to electronic tubes, useful MOS tube. The process of heating a steel or piece of steel to an appropriate temperature in air, water vapor or chemicals to form a blue or black oxide film on its surface. Also known as blackening. It is often used in precision instruments, optical instruments, tools, hardness blocks and standard parts in the machinery industry.

Induction Heating Benefits Compared with Ordinary Heating

Induction heating advantages

1. The heat source is on the surface of the workpiece, and the heating speed is fast and the thermal efficiency is high.
2. Because the workpiece is not heated as a whole, the deformation is small.
3. The heating time of the workpiece is short, and the amount of surface oxidation decarburization is less.
4. The surface hardness of the workpiece is high, the notch sensitivity is small, the impact toughness, fatigue strength and wear resistance are greatly improved. It is beneficial to give full play to the potential of materials, save material consumption and improve the service life of parts.
5. Compact equipment, easy to use and good working conditions.
6. Facilitate mechanization and automation.
7. It can be used not only in surface hardening but also in penetration heating and chemical heat treatment.

Induction Heating Benefits Compared with Ordinary Heating

Multi-position induction hardening equipment


Since the coupling distance from the part to the coil is very important to the heating efficiency, the size and profile of the coil must be carefully selected. Although most processors have a basic coil library to heat circles, such as shafts, pins, rollers, etc., some projects may require custom coils, sometimes costing thousands of dollars. In medium to large batch projects, the benefit of reducing the processing cost of each part can easily offset the coil cost. In other cases, the engineering benefits of the process may exceed the cost problem. Otherwise, for small batch projects, the cost of coils and tools will usually make the process impractical if new coils must be built. In the course of treatment, the parts must also be supported in some way. Running between centers is a popular method for shaft parts, but in many other cases custom tools must be used.

With the features of high quality, environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency, Chaochang brand induction heating equipment has been widely used in machinery, metallurgy, mining, building materials, automobile parts manufacturing, fully meet the needs of steel pipe seam welding, H-beam welding, steel pipe annealing, metal heat treatment, smelting, forging, quenching and tempering,etc. Please contact us if you need any help, we welcome your inquiries.

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