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High frequency straight seam welded pipe equipment

Dec. 01, 2021

High frequency straight seam welded pipe equipment is used to produce specified welded steel pipe. It feeds a certain specification steel strip into the machinery

 and coil it into pipe blank through forming roller .Then under skin effect and proximity effect of high frequency electric current, the current will be concentrated on

 the bond surface of the pipe fringe, then with help of squeezing/pressing rollers pressure, the pipe blank will be welded into tube quickly .After coiling, sizing and

 straightening, the needed pipe will be produced. There are roller type, FFX type and rows roller type of machinery unit which can produce kinds of steel pipes including 

API coupling pipe of grade X80, X100, J55, that comply with API-5L, API-5CT standards.

Composition:Uncoiler,Butt straightening machine,Active flattening machine ,Butt shearing and welding machine,Material accumulator ,Forming and sizing unit,Computerized

 flying saw,End facing machine, Hydraulic testing machine, Unloading Passage,Flaw testing device,Packing,solid state high frequency welder, and complete set electrical cabinets.

Welded pipe equipment production process is mainly divided into:Coil feeding -Uncoiler- straight head - leveling- shearing butt -loop storage- Edge remove- Forming- 

HF welding-burrs removing- air cooing- water cooling- Sizing - cutting - straightening- product Inspection - weighing and measuring - Painting and marking - Storage- Packing

High frequency straight seam welded pipe equipment

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