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High-frequency Welding Machine: Grid Harmonics Solution

Nov. 18, 2021

The existing management methods of the power grid harmonics of high-frequency welding machine include three kinds of treatment: end-end treatment, active treatment and passive treatment. Receiving end management is to improve the anti-harmonic interference ability of the harmonic pollution equipment, active management is to start from the harmonic source itself, reduce the amount of harmonics generated or make it not generate harmonics. Passive management relies on the application of filters to suppress the transmission of harmonics into the grid or the load side.

High-frequency Welding Machine: Grid Harmonics Management

The main measures are as follows:

1, Adding AC passive filtering device

Passive filters for high-frequency welding machines include single-tuned filters, double-tuned filters, and high-pass filters. These filters are composed of RLC components in series and parallel, which can only absorb specific harmonics, and the devices are large, the suppression effect is not ideal, and easy to be affected by the grid impedance and operating conditions.

2, Adding active filtering device

For low-voltage small-capacity harmonics, the active filter device is used to filter the wave effect well. The basic principle of active filter is to detect the harmonic current, and generate a compensation current with the harmonic of equal size and opposite direction by the compensation device, and superimpose it with the harmonic current, so that the current contains only the fundamental wave component. This filter can achieve real-time tracking of harmonic current changes, and compensation is not affected by the grid parameters, filtering effect is better, by people's attention.

3, Changing the configuration of harmonic sources

Devices with harmonic complementarity should be centralized, otherwise they should be appropriately dispersed or alternated to limit the way of working with large harmonic amounts.

4, Changing capacitors

Or change some branches of capacitors into filters, which can effectively reduce harmonics.

5, Increase the ability to withstand harmonics

Harmonic sources use larger capacity power supply points or power supply from the grid of higher voltage.

6, Improve the anti-interference ability

Strengthen the management of harmonics, regular harmonic monitoring and treatment, so that harmonics remain within the specified range of fluctuations.

High-frequency Welding Machine: Grid Harmonics Management

Solid-state high-frequency welding machine is developing in the direction of intelligent control. Solid-state welder with computer intelligent interface, LCD human-machine interface, remote control and automatic fault diagnosis and other control performance is becoming the development target of the next generation. At present, the domestic solid-state welder cannot completely replace the electron tube equipment on non-ferrous metal tubes and other special welded tubes. One of the development directions of the solid-state welder is to increase the working frequency of the solid-state welder, expand the application field and eventually replace the high energy consumption and low efficiency of the electron tube welder.

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