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Upkeep Ideas of High Frequency Welding Machine

Nov. 04, 2021

High frequency welding machine set will always be more or less damaged in normal work. How can we do proper maintenance to prolong its service life? CHAOCHANG introduces you to the maintenance of solid state high frequency welding machine.

High frequency welding machine

Management to develop operating and maintenance procedures. Strengthen professional knowledge training, so that operators operate strictly according to the rules, and try to avoid downtime caused by improper operation and damage to spare parts caused by irregular maintenance. At the same time, the operation condition and fault situation of the high frequency welding machine will be recorded in detail to provide reference for future operation and maintenance.

Before the operation of the machinery to check whether the various parts of the machinery can work properly, there is no fault, only when the machine parts and indicators are normal, can start and put into production, otherwise it will cause wear and tear on the machinery.

Check the components of the high-frequency welding unit before turning on the machine to run. In the process of mechanical production, you need to ensure that the temperature and production conditions of the machinery are stable. If the machine malfunctions, we need to stop production in time and check which parts of the machine are malfunctioning so as not to cause greater losses.

After the machine has been used for a period of time, we need to pay attention to regular lubrication and cleaning of the machine to ensure its cleanliness. The aging parts in the machine need to be replaced in time to ensure the normal operation of the machine. It is also important to take good care of the high-frequency welding machine when the machine is turned off, so that it cannot be arbitrarily discarded in the outdoor environment.

Solid state high frequency pipe welder

When the actual welding operation, we should pay special attention to the rounding of the tank, the width of the copper line size, chilled water temperature and water flow size, air pressure size and synchronization between the synchronous structure. In case of stuck cans or poor welding conditions, do not blindly adjust at will, must first carefully check the original state of each ministry records, before adjusting or repairing.

Strengthen the use of high-frequency welding machine key wearable parts maintenance. The current transmission between the lower wheel and the axle is conducted through the liquid mercury, the high temperature of the cooling water, the size of the cooling water flow and the high and low indoor temperature have a greater impact on the performance of the mercury. If you do not control the temperature is likely to lead to the wheel scrap.

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