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  • 100KW Induction welding machine
  • 100KW Induction welding machine
  • 100KW Induction welding machine
  • 100KW Induction welding machine

100KW Induction welding machine

Product Details

Model: 100KW induction welding machine 

The whole set of solid state H.F.welder is composed of switch rectifying cabinet,inverter output cabinet, 2-D adjustable bracket, circulation soft water cooling system and central operation cabinet.

Technical parameters of 100KW induction welding machine 

Designed frequency: f=400~450KHZ 

①Designed parameters

· Nominal power: 100kW

· Rated DC power: Pd=120kW

· Rated DC voltage: UdN=450V

· Rated DC current: IdN=250A

· The whole efficiency: η≥85%

· Pout >100kw

· MOSFET inverter: 60kW×2

· Tank circuit output mode: no welding transformer output, secondary resonance

②Power distribution requirements

· Nominal power: 100kW

· Rated DC power: Pd=120kW

· Line-in power factor: COSφ≥0.85

· Power distribution capacity: S≤180kVA

· Power supply voltage: 3-phase 380V/50Hz (equipment could work at the voltage 380V±10%)

· Line-in current: I=220 A

· Line-in cable: each phase adopts 185mm2 copper cable, 3-phase 4-line

Water-water cooling system of steel tube induction welding machine 

With the adoption of water-water heat exchanger

Pressure of inner circulation water: 0.15~0.25MPa

Flow of inner circulation water: 11.7m3/h

Temperature of inner circulation out water: ≤40℃

Temperature of inner circulation back water: ≤45℃

Heat exchanger area: ≥5m2

Flow of external circulation water: 11.7m3/h(provided by user)

emperature of external circulation inlet water: ≤35℃

Pressure of inlet water: 0.20~0.3MPa (approximately 2.0~3kg/cm2)

100KW Induction welding machine

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