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  • Solid state high frequency pipe welder
  • Solid state high frequency pipe welder
  • Solid state high frequency pipe welder
  • Solid state high frequency pipe welder

Solid state high frequency pipe welder

Product Details

Solid state high frequency pipe welding machine

Solid state high frequency welder's circuit simple, easy installation and energy saving, especially for various round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, oval pipe and special pipe like LTZ. Section welding featured with high efficiency and reliable.

Place of Origin: Hebei, China

Power: 100KW-800KW

Brand Name: Chaochang

Application: Carbon steel or Galvanized steel

Voltage: 3 phase 380V/50HZ

Certificate: ISO, CE

Usage: Steel tube welding

Warranty: 1 year

Condition: New

Feature: High efficiency and energy saving

Solid state high frequency pipe welder

Specification of HF welding machine

Power: 100-800KW

Frequency: 150KHz-600KHz

Characteristic: The low output ripple, the smoothly welding, reaching high output efficiency as high as 85% and still being able to adjust and troubleshoot conveniently.

Introductions of high frequency welder for steel pipe

High-frequency straight welded pipe machine has high processing quality and assembly accuracy, and it can produce high-precision electric welded steel pipe by using reasonable roller path. Novel design, easy and simple operation and maintenance. The high frequency pipe welding machine is designed for high frequency welding of steel pipe, high frequency welding of stainless steel pipe, high frequency welding of aluminum pipe and other pipe high frequency welding applications. The high power inverse model researched by chaochang who single layer power has achieved 120KW as twice as the older one has extended the manufacture ability of high power inverse device.

High frequency tube welding machine workflow

Coil loading - Unwinding - Strip joining - Accumulator - Forming - HF welding - Weld removal - Cooling - Sizing and straightening - Measuring rollers - Flying saw cutting - Run out conveyor

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Main features of HF straight pipe seam solid state welder

a. Circuit simple, easy installation.

b. Complete protection, easy maintenance.

c. Harmonic disturbance small, and less pollution electric network

d. Safety and no high-pressure, inductor is not easy tinder on steel pipe.

e. Achieve maximum efficiency more than 85%, energy saving effect obviously, the less cooling water.

f. Output ripple is less than 1%,no welding spatter and the quality of welding seam is well.

g. High reliability and stable operation.

h. Easy to maintain, users can do self-repair.

i. Allow the necessary ,equipment can be dropped rated power to use.

j. All of control boards have universal, non-adjustment .

Provide your design specifications for your workpiece and allow us to generate a quote. Inquiry High Frequency Pipe Welding Machine.

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