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Air-water cooler for high frequency welder

Dec. 03, 2019

Application range of air-water cooling system

1. H.F. induction heating power supply, M.F. and super audio induction heating power supply, induction heating complete machines, rectifying machines,diathermanous machines, melting resistance welding machines, die casting machine and injection molding machine.

2. Quenching machine tool cooling

3. Other equipment needed cooling

4. According to consumer’s request, various nonstandard products can be designed.

Components of air-water cooler

Composed of condenser apparatus, spray assembles, water pump, fan, water tank, water collector and electric control box etc. (Please refer to air cooling machine comparison drawing for details) No relevant notice will be made for modifications on parts due to technical reasons. 

Air-water cooler for high frequency welder

1 pilot lamp 2 fan 3 flying ring 4 control box 5 spray observation window 6 spray water tank 7 soft water tank 8 outlet orifice 9 spray inlet water pipe 10 circulation pump 11 pressure discharge valve 12 water gauge 13 spray pump 14 spray outlet orifice 15 soft water outlet orifice 16 inlet water pipe 17 pressure gauge 18 water outlet orifice 19 thermocouple 20 water inlet orifice 21 water purifier 22 soft water injection orifice 23 water overflow orifice 23 spray water injection orifice 24control valve

Parameter list for solid state HF welder air-water cooler

Air-water cooler for high frequency welder

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