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  • Universal hardening machine tool for horizontal shaft & gear
  • Universal hardening machine tool for horizontal shaft & gear
  • Universal hardening machine tool for horizontal shaft & gear

Universal hardening machine

Product Details

Universal Hardening Machine is designed to quench and temper various types of materials such as shafts, bolts, holes in different work pieces. The machine takes advantage of SIEMENS digital-control technology to make the production process automatically and efficiently. Moreover, as a professional universal hardening machine manufacturer, perfect after-sale service is provided by Chaochang. Please do not hesitate to contact us for your detailed requirements! 


Model                                           CCSZ1000-4000

Quenching Diameter                    φ100 ~1000 mm

Quenching Length                       ≤4000mm

Speed of Work-piece                   30 ~120 rpm continuously adjustable

Travelling speed of work-piece    2 ~ 20mm/s continuously adjustable

Main Usage                                  Widely used in quenching & quenching + Tempering for big size shaft、gear and other disc type work-piece.

Features of universal hardening machine: 

1. Automatic and manual function: Equipped with a intelligent color display, the operator can easily edit the parameters in the human-computer interface, adapting to different workpieces process requirements.

2. Careful safety protection device: The hardening equipment adopts the stainless steel protective cover and auto-stretch protect belt to prevent the quenching water from splash.

3. High rotate work piece travelling speed: With reasonable and advanced mechanical structure design,the product also has high quality ball screw.

4. Customized service: As a professional induction hardening machine manufacturer, Chaochang can provide custom service according to work piece sizes, rotate speed and your special requirements.

5. CNC system with stable hardening quality:  Adopting SIEMENS digital-control technology to realise the inductor & work-piece positioning, scanning&control.  It is also combined with medium frequency and superaudio frequency power supply, which makes the whole process of induction quenching and tempering fully automatic.

Induction hardening applications:

The high performance universal hardening machine tool for horizontal shaft and gear is widely applied in:

1. Automobile industry: Engine and gear construction for gears, hollow shafts, racks and rocker arms etc.

2. Bearing factory: Large and small bearings, rails, carriages, special bearings 

3. Mechanical engineering: shafts, gear wheels, piston rod and ball cups production.

4. Wire industry: Wire tempering and drawing with high efficency.

5. Hardening shops: Induction surface hardening of various workpieces.


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