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According to customer's request, we designed induction heater of 40KW with frequency of 16~20KHz. The induction heater is equipped with a power supply internal circulation cooling tower

to make sure the normal running of machine . 

Configuration of 40KW induction heater as follow:

1. CCYP40KW/20KHZ solid state superaudio power supply

Includes: (1) CCYP40KW/20KHZ power supply --- 1 set

               (2) Power matching transformer --- 1 set

               (3) Inductor 

2. KZT-10T cooling tower for power supply 

Model of induction heater : CCYP40KW/20KHZ 

Main parameters of CCYP40KW/20KHZ induction heating equipment 

① DC rated power P=40KW

② Rated frequency f = 20KHz

③ DC rated voltage Ud=400V

④ DC rated current Id=100A

⑤ power factor: ≥92%

⑥ Electrical efficiency of equipment under reasonable matching: ≥85%

Features of 40kw induction heating machine for steel round bar forging:

1. Rapid heating: compared with other methods, the required target temperature can be reached in seconds.

2. can be local heating: heating end or the middle of the specified position.

3. save energy: in addition to working hours, only standby power can be very reasonable to save electricity.

4. Automatic operation at relatively stable temperature: even if the production personnel are not skilled enough, the normal operation of the equipment can be guaranteed.

5. Green environmental protection: no harmful substances.

6. Adjust high-frequency output according to the mass, heating time and temperature of the heated object.

Introduction of  KZT-10T cooling tower for power supply 

1)Model : KZT-10T                       

2)Diameter of cooling tower:1060mm

3)Height of cooling tower:1750mm

4)Power of motor:0.18KW6P

5)Diameter of Fan:670mm

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