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  • Induction heating machine for flat steel forging
  • Induction heating machine for flat steel forging

Induction heating machine for flat steel forging

Product Details

Model : CCYP120KW/30KHZ solid state induction heating power supply

The power device used in the traditional thyristor heating furnace equipment is a thyristor, and a parallel resonant circuit is adopted. Since the thyristor is a semi-controlled device and the power loss is large. Our company uses  advanced fully-controlled semiconductor device, IGBT, to design and develop new type of control circuit which reduces device losses and improves efficiency.

Due to the parallel resonant circuit is current resonant, the current on the inductor coil is large, and the loss is large. Our company adopts series resonant circuit which is voltage resonance. When the power of the machine is the same, the inductance is reduced by increasing the voltage of the induction coil so that reduces the losses on the inductor coil.

Inverter device comparison

IGBT are superior to thyristors.

Comparison of the power device thyristor and IGBT:

IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor), insulated gate bipolar power tube

1. Driven power is small and saturation voltage is reduced.

2. Controllable on-off components

3. Can work at higher frequency

4. Control is flexible and convenient, can cancel the shutdown circuit of the thyristor circuit, etc., can replace the thyristor in many occasions, and the performance is better.

SCR: The abbreviation of thyristor rectifier, also known as thyristor, has small size, high efficiency and stability , reliable work, etc.

1. Can only control open, can not control off

2. Work within 5KHz frequency

3. Static and dynamic overload capability is poor; easily interfered and misdirected.

Characteristics of induction heat treatment machine for forging equipment 

① Energy saving 10%-30% compared with thyristor medium frequency heating furnace.

② Automatic frequency-locking circuit can be used to start 100% successfully under any load.

③ Has perfect protection function, safe and reliable.

④ Increase the series inductance, the tank channel volume is small and the load adaptability is strong.

⑤ Power factor is high, the full range is greater than 0.92, no need to be equipped with reactive power compensation.

⑥ The control precision is high, the hardening quality is guaranteed, and the product consistency is good in batch work. Modular structure, simple, beautiful, and small interference. 

Main technical parameters of CCYP120KW/30KHZ  induction heating equipment 

① DC rated power P=120KW

② Rated frequency f = 30KHz

③ DC rated voltage Ud=400V

④ DC rated current Id=300A

⑤ power factor: ≥92%

⑥ Electrical efficiency of equipment under reasonable matching: ≥85%

Main components of CCYP120KW/30KHZ induction heating machine

① IGBT: Infineon, Germany

② Contactors, relays, buttons, indicator lights and other components are all domestic famous brands.

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