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  • Ribbed Rebar Induction Annealing Machine
  • Ribbed Rebar Induction Annealing Machine
  • Ribbed Rebar Induction annealing Machine

Ribbed Rebar Induction Annealing Line

Product Details

Cold rolled ribbed rebar is widely used in building industry, industrial and civil construction fields. With the rapid dvelopment of worldwide infrastructure, best quality ribbed rebar induction annealing line from Chaochang has a broad demand market and gained high reputation from customers. Its nominal diameter is 4mm to 12mmand major mechanical performance as below:

tensile strength σb ≮ 550Mpa

yield strength σs ≮ 500Mpa

the elongation δ ≮ 8%

The production processing of ribbed rebar induction annealing line:

Steel rod pay-off rack --cold rolling of steel bar -- induction heat treatment (Induction annealing) -- sizing and cut off -- run out table - finished product gathering

Features of induction annealing equipment:

1.Power-saving and the finished products has a good rust-proof ability

2.Running stable for continuous working

3.Based on production speed request,the equipment has different configuration.The highest speed can reach 500 m / min.

4.The induction annealing equipment using chop-wave technology, which is more efficient and the power factor up to 0.95.

Configuration of cold rolled ribbed rebar induction annealing line:

Payoff rack, cold rolling mill, induction annealing and tempering power supply, take-up rack etc.

Power selection:

According to the production speed to choose different combination of solid state superaudio frequency equipment. It can be one set or combination of many sets.

Power of Induction annealing equipment:

200KW, 300KW, 400KW, 500KW, 600KW

Ribbed Rebar Induction Annealing Line

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