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​Benefits of Using Induction Welding

Mar. 11, 2022

Have you ever heard of induction welding? It is a high frequency welding process that includes using electromagnets to produce heat. With induction heating, superhigh frequency electrical energy powers an induction coil. As the induction coil receives present, it heats up. Induction welding tools can then be made use of to weld 2 or more objects together by melting their corresponding surfaces. Below are the leading 5 advantages of induction welding.


Although it needs electrical power, induction welding is an effective welding procedure. It calls for much less power than other high-frequency welding processes, making it an appealing alternative for large welding applications, such as those performed by manufacturing companies. 

The devices made use of in induction welding is powered by power, however do not let that fool you right into believing it eats a lot of power. Induction welding is an efficient welding process that typically eats much less electric power than various other welding procedures.

Benefits of Using Induction Welding

Removal of Contaminations

You may be stunned to discover that induction welding removes pollutants from the workpiece. In this high frequency welding process, the work surface warms up when subjected to the induction welding devices. As the different surface areas of the work surface are pressed together, the impurities are pushed out of them. Consequently, induction welding gives cleaner parts (once they are bonded) than other welding processes.

Benefits of Using Induction Welding

Supports vast products

Induction welding sustains a variety of products, from steel to plastics and also composites. Both ferrous and non-ferrous steels can be welded together utilizing this contemporary welding process. If the material is a non-magnetic product, such as plastic, it is frequently implanted with an iron-containing compound that allows the material to absorb the electro-magnetic power created by the induction welding tools. As long as the material includes iron substances, it can be bonded making use of induction welding tools.

Concentrated Warmth

In addition to efficiency, induction welding can producing focused warmth. In other words, the warmth produced by induction welding equipment is local to a solitary, specific location, therefore protecting the workpiece from damages. This alone makes induction welding an appealing option for pipes. Water pipes and tubes are typically joined at the joint using induction welding. The concentrated heat signs up with the pipes with each other at the seam without harming them.

Benefits of Using Induction Welding

150kw induction heating welder


While it can not be completely automated, lots of action in the induction welding procedure can be automated to simplify the operations of a making company. For instance, load matching can be automated to attain the correct power to warmth and bonded the workpiece.

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