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Necessary HF Welding Machine Maintenance Ideas

Mar. 26, 2022

The domestic solid-state high-frequency welder has gone through 20 years since it was launched in 2001. Now the equipment have been developed to a very mature stage, solid-state high-frequency welding machine than the electronic tube high-frequency welding machine has several outstanding advantages, but also make the solid-state high-frequency welding machine become the second choice for the users of welded pipe.

HF welding machine advantages

Energy saving

Solid-state high-frequency than the electron tube high-frequency average energy saving 30%, especially series-type solid-state high-frequency, due to high voltage and low current work, reducing a lot of line loss, do not choose the transformer, reducing the energy transfer process of power loss, so the effect of energy saving is particularly outstanding, more than parallel-type solid-state high-frequency energy saving 8-10%.

Necessary HF Welding Machine Maintenance Ideas

Good quality of welding seam

Solid-state high frequency because of its frequency stability, so the inner burr of the steel pipe weld smooth, stable weld quality, in the bending, flattening, pipe expansion, stretching applications, very little scrap.

High output power

The same pipe welding machine, solid-state high-frequency than the electronic tube high-frequency welding speed increased by an average of 10-20%, greatly improving the capacity of a single machine, not only reduces the electrical energy, but also reduces the overall production costs of the production process.

Necessary HF Welding Machine Maintenance Ideas

Use and maintenance

High-frequency welded pipe sets are always damaged in normal operation, so how can they be properly maintained in daily life so as to extend their service life is a matter of concern.

Instruction manual

In the process of use, we should strictly follow the operation process in the manual, and check whether the various parts of the machinery can work normally and whether there is any fault before the machinery runs, only when the machine parts and indicators are normal, we can start and put into production, otherwise it will cause the loss of the machinery.

Daily inspection

Weekdays to do a good job of high-frequency welded pipe machine inspection work, check whether the pipeline is normal, truthful records of solid high-frequency welded pipe machine mechanical condition, if found that the solid high-frequency welded pipe machine mechanical posterior risk, should be quickly overhauled, so as not to affect the normal use of the following.

Necessary HF Welding Machine Maintenance Ideas

Solid state high frequency pipe welder


High-frequency welded pipe machine requires lubrication of the parts to be lubricated on a regular basis, lubricated with a special lubricant to prevent rusting of the welded pipe, galvanizing is a good way to extend the service life of the welder, galvanized steel pipe before the need for surface pretreatment, pretreatment usually includes degreasing (degreasing is to clean the outside of the black tube oil, dirt, is to prevent the efficacy of immersion pickling, can be done after burning or alkali daily alkali washing) water washing, pickling, re-washing etc.

Acid washing

Although alkali washing cleaned up some stains, but pickling and alkali washing for dirt is different, the purpose of pickling is in the high-frequency welded pipe machine mechanical appearance of iron oxide, pickling can be carried out at room temperature, metal corrosion less, less hydrogen absorption, for carbon black residue confusion compatibility is small, pickling form oxide, deep orientation large, easy to clean, no effect on galvanization.

The above introduces the related content about high-frequency welded pipe unit maintenance and repair. If you need to buy, please contact us in time.

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