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Solid state contact welder

Product Details

Name : Solid state contact welder 

For big diameter steel pipe with thick wall , the contact type solid state welder is a better option for ERW steel tube manufacturer.  The solid state contact welder saves much more power. 

But solid state contact type welder is not suitable for all pipe size. For a certain steel tube due to their size and production process requirement,they can only use induction type solid state welder. 

As for contact type high frequency welder, the welding tip is direct contact with the surface of the tube. It is very easy to generate electric spark between the inductor and surface of the steel tube ,causing burns on the surface of the steel pipe .If the electrode power goes into the welding seam, it many case weld defects. Actually Baoding Chaochang believes that the quality of the welded pipe is the first factor to consider in the use of contact welding or induction welding for large & medium diameter ERW pipe mill units. At the same time, power saving, different welding processes lead to ERW tube production line process , equipment improvements and other factors should be considered also . 

Main design technical data of solid state contact HF welder :

Output Power200 KW250 KW300 KW400 KW500 KW600 KW700 KW800 KW
DC Power240 KW300 KW360 KW480 KW600 KW720 KW840 KW960 KW
Rated Voltage450 V450 V450 V450 V450 V450 V450 V450 V
Rated Current530 A670 A800 A1070 A1330 A1600 A1870 A2130 A
Frequency300 ~350 KHZ300 ~350 KHZ300 ~350 KHZ200 ~300 KHZ200 ~300 KHZ200 ~300 KHZ150 ~250 KHZ150 ~250 KHZ
Rectifier Cabinet Size (mm)1500x900x20001800x900x20001800x900x20001800x900x20002000x1150x20002000x1150x20002000x1150x20002000x1150x2000
Inverter Cabinet Size (mm)1750x700x14001800x700x16001800x700x18002000x700x17002000x700x18002000x700x20002300x700x20003850x1000x2000
Operation Console Size (mm)800x500x1100800x500x1100800x500x1100800x500x1100800x500x1100800x500x1100800x500x1100800x500x1100

Application pictures of solid state induction welding machine :

Solid state contact welder

Solid state contact welder

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